Saturday, June 19, 2010

Child Observation - Event sample

Observation date: 06/04/2010
Methodology used: Event sampling
Start time: 2.15
End time:  3.15
Number of children present: Depending on time- whole group and the beginning (16 children), then three children and later only two children
Number of adults present: 1 (not including observer)
*Ev. = event


Social Group

A.L is sitting at the table holding a jam sandwich in her left hand
Snack time. All seated at table
Whole group
A.W to A.L ‘I love jam sandwiches do you love them too?’ A.W -A.L ‘I love them but I love ham sandwiches too’.
A.L is finishing her sandwich
Still at table swinging on chair
3 children still at table
A.L puts her right hand up to ask supervisor for juice ‘I want a drink’. ‘Say the magic word’ supervisor t-A.L. ‘Please’
A.L is in play room
She is changing into a dress
A.L and A.W are in playroom
A.L asks A.W to help her pull on the dress. Both girls struggle and supervisor steps in to help when asked by A.W
A.L is in playroom
She is playing house with C.D
A.L, C.D and A.W are in playroom
‘Here is your pizza its all ready and yummy’ said C.D to A.L. ‘Thank you’ said A.L to C.D and pretends to hand him money
A.L is playing with magnetic connects
She is trying to take red connect off A.W
A.W, A.L, B.F, and R.G
‘I need the red one’ A.L- A.W and takes it off A.W. A.W starts to cry, and R.G says ‘she had it first’. A.L ‘here, have it’ and gives it back to A.W

I undertook this observation to assess the social interactions between A.L and the other children in the centre. In this particular event sample, A.L has several interactions with other children in the centre. During this time frame she showed a close relationship to another child A.W. Both children are the same age and both female. As observed in the event sample they talked together during snack time, played dress-up and played magnetic connects together. However A.W was not the only child A.L interacted with she also played house with C.D and was reprimanded by R.G when she took the magnetic connect off A.W. Simply based on this event sample it would seem that A.L is able to interact well with other children and has good social skills. However this event sample has only been carried out within a fifty-five minute time frame, in order to build a fuller picture several event samples should be carried out monitoring A.L’s social interactions with other children. After several event samples have been undertaken monitoring A.L’s interactions a practitioner could assess if she is having any difficultly interacting with children in the centre etc. An event sample should also be carried out at differences times throughout the day in order to ensure that they do not miss important activity outside of the event sample.


  1. sorry everyone the proper layout for this event sample is in a table so I have just noticed that some bits are cut out. My bad :(

    1. Great work- any chance you could forward this via email as layout bit hard to read.thnx

  2. Hi there, this work is great and very interesting to read. What theories would this event sample relate to? thanks x

  3. this is great insight, I would like too see the relevant link to theorist in this Time Sample